How it Works

As cat-owners and lovers we know it is often difficult to find someone who is able to look after pets when you want to have a spontaneous weekend away or if you are travelling frequently for business.

We also know a cattery doesn't always bring out the best in you or your kitty-cat.

Kitty Connection comes to your home so there is no need for your kitty to move from their favourite chair or eat anything other than their favourite food.

What happens if you ask us to mind your cat at home?

Step 1: We will arrange a time to come and pick up keys and find out more about your cat's feeding habits, where you keep the cat food and most importantly to meet you and your cat!

Step 2: When we come to your home we will fill in an agreement which will detail your cat's feeding habits - how much they eat and when, the times and dates we will be feeding your cat and emergency contact details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will you spend with my cat?

This will depend a little on the cat. Some are obviously quite self-sufficient and really just want someone who can put their food in a bowl. Others are more cuddly and like their daily dose of love and attention. On average we spend about half an hour with your cat, about 10 minutes to do the chores while they are dining and 20 minutes of all the attention they can handle!

How long in advance do we need to book?

Some people like to book their Christmas cat-sitter in April while others phone us a few hours before they pack their bags and head off on a spontaneous getaway. We do our best to accommodate everyone and usually a week in advance is ample time for us to come and meet you and your cat but if you are going away at Christmas, Easter, New Year or on a public holiday weekend it is best to get in early.

What if I come back early from holidays?

We know that plans can change - especially if you're holidaying in a tent somewhere beset by storms. Our policy is always to refund any unused visits. So just let us know if your laid-back 10-day camping trip has suddenly turned into the holiday from hell.

Do you provide discounts for longer periods of cat-sitting?

We have thought about this. Truly we have. But we know that you want our service to remain at the same high standard for the entire time you are away so we don't offer discounts for longer periods. But in our favour we don't hike our charges for those little extras - bringing in the mail, taking out the bin, picking up keys, watering plants or last-minute bookings. We also don't hike our charges at the times when you need us most like Christmas and Easter and New Year's Eve.

Do you mind other animals?

We love cats that's why we started this business. We have looked after fish and even a little dog in the past but usually only when there was a kitty in the same household. If you still think we are the best people to mind your pet please contact us but we absolutely draw the line at snakes, spiders and elephants - just imagine the litter tray!

What if my cat is shy and doesn't like strangers?

We enjoy getting to know all types of kitties and their personalities. If your kitty is a little slow to cosy up to strangers we just take it easy. A visit might consist of us talking to them quietly from a distance rather than bombarding them with affection and we'll never chase a cat around to give it a cuddle. The good news is we've found after a couple of visits even the shyest cats will come out from their hidey-hole under the bed or couch.

What if my cat is a bit of a bully?

We love kitties of all kinds but even we have to admit that some cats have their dark side. If your kitty is prone to a swipe or a bite just let us know and we'll make sure we wear our suit of armour!