Housesits for cat-lovers

Perhaps you would like your kitty to have lots of company while you are away or you would like the added security of having someone stay in your home.
Kitty Connection Housesitters is designed purely for cat-lovers.

For home-owners

If you would like to look for a housesitter through Kitty Connection just download a form and email it to us, we will post the details of your housesit on the Kitty Connection Facebook page and notify all the cat-lovers who have registered for housesitting opportunities in your area. (Without any identifying information)
All responses will be forwarded to you and you can then take your pick of who you would like to contact.
We make this service free to homeowners as we leave it up to you to do any screening of the people who have registered as housesitters. You may wish to ask for references, a police check or meet them in person beforehand.

For housesitters

You may be a cat-lover who doesn’t have a kitty of your own because you are renting. Or perhaps you are going away on holidays and would still like the company of a kitty while you are away.
As a housesitter you will generally be given free accommodation in return for being willing to take very good care of someone else’s kitty and their home. (In the case of longer housesits you may be asked to make some contribution towards bills).

How do I register as a housesitter?

Download the form for housesitters and email it to us. It costs just $25 to register as a housesitter. You will then be entitled to receive details of any housesits that arise for a period of six months.
At the end of the six months we will invite you to renew your registration.

The registration fee is payable via electronic transfer or by credit card via Paymate. Ask us for details.