About Us

Kitty Connection was started by Christine Long. She is a cat-lover and cat-owner who didn't like the idea of putting her cat, Pushka, into a cattery whenever she was going away. (There's a snapshot of her handsome tabby and white boy below.)

While sometimes friends or family were able to take care of him it wasn't always easy asking them to visit him each day during busy periods like Christmas or for long holidays.

Feeling that other cat-owners who liked to take more than the occasional break away must suffer from the same dilemmas in 2006 she started Kitty Connection, a service for cat-owners who are also travel-lovers.

By the way if you're wondering what a Vespa has to do with keeping your cat purring while you're away here's the explanation: Christine is a cat-lover who is also a travel-lover and a Vespa-fancier.

It seems she's not the only one who thinks that kitties and Vespas have some kind of affinity. There is a whole group on Flickr devoted to posting photos of cats and scooters. Maybe it’s something to do with the way they both purr. Here are a couple of trés cute ones from the Flickr cats and scooters pool.

Credit: Vespa illustration by Catail's